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Monday - 02.02.2004
The world of Akarra is about to end. Read the statement of it's creator.
This news strike all of us hard, but there's not much, we can do. Except, of course, keeping together and hoping to meet each other in another world. This site will persist as a reminder of good times in a good game. And, hopefully, the forum will remain too. See you!


(KintaEba has suffered a serious heart attack)

Thursday - 29.01.2004
Today the forum link was attached to our site. Shesuhl did a wonderful job configuring this board for The Unseen University. Now we finally have a place to discuss our matters or to make plans on The University's further development!
Enjoy it ;)

Monday - 26.01.2004
The updated version of Pallando's great guide for young spellcasters can now be viewed in the [articles] section. It containes static and animated pictures of the guide's creator, showing us some very useful ways to defeat strong monsters without any help from fellow adventurers. The guide also contains detailed information on equipment available for Apprentice and Wizards in the current version of the game. Pallando even gives his personal example on how to distribute the Attribute Points. Have fun!

Feel free to mail feedback and suggestions on our website to "oleg.glebov@web.de",
and visit our channel on IRC: QuakeNet #akarra.Lore

Wednesday - 21.01.2004
Welcome to the website of The Unseen University!
The site is being filled with content right now. Check for updates frequently.