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Posted on Akarra Guild Forum: Oct 24 2003, 01:08 PM

"Last night a fellowship of 3 Wizards was resting after their triumph over the Skeleton society of the Sanled Forest. The recent exercise and their positive experience in fighting as a non-fighter fellowship last week, have proved the idea of a Wizard society in the minds of the fearless pioneers.
Shesuhl, Windlesspoons and KintaEba, after discussing what the official name and the tag of the mage clan has to be, came to a conclusion. Then mental links to futher supporters of this clan idea were established and the name and tag certified.
The Unseen University is now official !

KintaEba's definition:
"elite clan, which is NOT about power, but about knowledge, discipline and good manners"

The Leaders:
Lore KintaEba
Lore Shesuhl
Lore WindlesSpoons
Lore Pallando
Lore Arallu
The core council will decide when (generally), how (detailed) and who (generally) will be able to join.
Minimum requirements to apply for membership are:
- character level has to be 25
- you will need a horse
- fully support and show enthusiasm for the goals of The Unseen University!

Which are:
- Development of common sense among Wizards
- Achieving independence from the Fighter class
- Training of Wizards skilled in tactical play
- Development of specialized tactics to enable fighterless fellowships

What's clear : no offense against Fighter class, membership license depends on reputation
To be discussed: membership license for Neophytes and Clerics...

New Clan, have FUN ! ! ! "